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torbojet torbojet system

torbojet system

A top-class lance of highest effectiveness, performance and capacity, with a broad field of application and a high degree of economy: The torbojet system; the combination of torbo and high-pressure equipment.

Blast cleaning at great heights or with hoses over 100 m in length present no problems for the torbojet system. Thanks to the precise metering system, the blast-cleaning abrasive can be transported evenly and sparingly to the jet nozzle over long distances. Blockages in the blast abrasive hose due to humidity are a thing of the past.

The torbojet system is particularly suited to uniform surface removal on concrete in thicknesses of up to 3 mm, abrasive blast cleaning of epoxy paints and other difficult paint coatings, steel blasting with a high level of roughness among other things for the external surfaces of ships (dust avoidance), shotblasting of coal tar paints as well as gel coat stripping in the case of osmosis on fibreglass boats and other similar types of application.

With the torbojet you will achieve uniform surface removal. Expensive reworking can often be avoided.

The torbojet lance is equipped with jet heads for 500, 1,000 and 2,500 bar.