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torbo L200 и XL320

torbo L 200 and L 320 – the productive systems

The torbo system L200 is a specialist for large surfaces. It makes concrete and steel cleanup processes much easier and is surprisingly inexpensive. Due to its large tank volume only 2 to 4 tank fillings are required each day. This system, specially designed for professional operations, distinguishes itself above all in industrial usage. Make use of this chance to work both effectively and with the necessary attention to surface care at great heights.

With our L-system you not only work surprisingly flexibly, but also very economically.

torbo L200


torbo L320


torbo XL200 and XL 320 – for high performance

Our biggest unit has sufficient power reserves for every kind of cleanup treatment. The torbo system XL200 shows its strengths in difficult situations. With no trouble at all it can deal with the removal of concrete sludge, the stripping of old coats of paint and the deburring and descaling of metals, as well as the removal of layers of oxidation on steel. You can work without problems even at differences in height of up to 250 m.

With our XL-system you not only work with surprising flexibility and effectively, but also very economically

torbo XL200


torbo XL320